Workshop NEV

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Battery technology charges ahead
September 16, 2016
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Workshop NEV


Smart cities, security and proximity mobility:

beyond electric and autonomous drive cars


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In cooperation with




11.00 am – 1.00 pm



Andrea MARGELLETTI – President, Ce.S.I. Center for International Studies



Stefano Polli Deputy Director ANSA




  • Roberto MALDACEAExecutive Director, NEV Mobility Europe
  • Camillo PIAZZAPresident, CLASS Onlus
  • Cinzia BONFRISCOMember of Italian Senate and Member of the Commission for Public Works and Communications
  • Mariastella GELMINIMember of Italian Chamber of Deputy and Member of the Commission for Production, Trade and Tourism


Mobility evolves in parallel with innovation and technological revolutions that have changed history. Today we are living through another revolution, more complicated and ambitious then ever: we live in a time characterized by the convergence of innovative technologies, intended to make mobility more and more ecological, safer and sustainable.

Our cities suffer from pollution and traffic congestion, despite the efforts of European and national institutions, automotive industry and many other stakeholders.

While the public debate is focused on electric cars, charging columns and autonomous driving, Ce.S.I. and NEV Mobility Europe emphasize the proximity electric mobility for people and goods, underlining the importance of neighborhoods and districts movements, the daily home-work and home-school journeys, sharing mobility and circular economy. If we really want to change people point of view and people lifestyles, we need to think in a “gLocal” way: this is important for both institutions and industry in order to dictate the rules and improve technology development, and for local administrations and citizens, in order to make them proactive and stimulate best practices.